2 November 2012

Just Busy


What a week!  We seem to keep on doing this - these weeks of barely stopping for long enough to draw breath, weeks where I wonder where all those days went and how come we didn't get done any of the things I so earnestly intended.  I have yet to settle to that Autumnal drawing-down, that easing into Winter Warmth-seeking indoor comfort and rhythm.  Our year got stuck on Summer Doing!


We did museum open days and made friends with some owls.  We did mad science in the library and held snakes and made our own sherbet.  We painted, and read, and walked my mum's dogs.  We went to Legoland.  (Please remind me if I am ever crazy enough to attempt that again, just no.)


It's rather nice to know, though, that after spending a day largely just queueing, I do really enjoy my children's company.


"Purty fire!"  (As Rowan still calls it.)


Samhaim came around all over again.



Morgan made chocolate eclairs.


Lucy looked sorrowful every single time I caught her on the sofa.


Owl pellets were duly dissected and an impressive heap of rodent and small bird bones were discovered therein.


We had friends over and made train tracks and I didn't even get out of my PJs all day.  And I didn't get much of my knitting done, either.  Hours of companionable conversation, wrangling of toddlers, and mopping up spills.  We have awesome friends.


And that, I suppose, is my list of excuses for not being able to string together a decent paragraph, or in fact finish knitting my brother's birthday gift for tomorrow.  And it is also my list of reasons why my living room looks like it has never seen a vacuum cleaner - and co-incidentally why I have not written much this week.  I would love to say that next week we will slow down and I will breathe and dance and not look like a whirlwind of activity who has not had time to check her outfit for baby dinner "sharing" before she leaves the house...  It would only be a broken promise!

What a perfectly mad Autumn it has been here.  The drawing in of the dark is not overshadowing our bubble of happy just yet.  ;)


  1. i know your feeling... no winding down for us either. all the halloween, bonfire night, and other exciting things to enjoy.... just destracting us from down time. But today we did actually achieve it... one day. One day in our PJ's!! about to blog about it now if you fancy a peek lol

    1. I'm actually looking forwards to winter now! :)


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