29 November 2012

Cleaning, creating

Beautifying and clearing, simplifying...  I need my space to feel welcoming and comfortable at this time of year.  Our home is always a place with open doors, where people know they are cherished and welcome, and especially on feast days I merrily over-cater expecting extra bodies to arrive needing to be fed.  There is something holy in extending welcome, in creating fellowship.

As much as I wish I were a person who could make a space look perfect and polished, I'm not.  But I am a person who can make a place comfortable and warm.  And who can rouse themselves to do a just about passable job of tidying the forgotten corners with the aim of filling the house with people in the near future.  :)

The toys have received a good clean courtesy of a late night with a baby who wasn't sleeping.  The art wire has been changed over for Winter, and the new felt decorations Morgan and Jenna helped me to make are hanging along with the last traces of a golden Autumn I haven't yet entirely relinquished.


This easy art project based on Van Gogh's Starry Night kept the girls happy last painting day.  <3 p="p">

My brothers brought round the sofa my mum was getting rid of.  As nice as the last one was, it was impossible to clean, and Rowan was sick on it twice last week.  The new one is quite a relief.


Even the fireplace is clear ready for festival decorations.  I'm just knitting away, now, making sure everything is ready for Advent.  I think I can start getting excited now...


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