27 November 2012

Homey Days




Before our holiday, the oncoming Winter was a kind of creeping dread, a feeling of impending change that I didn't like and didn't want.  I love the Winter round of festivals, and the return to home and hearth, yet it didn't feel right.  I wasn't ready.


Riding the waves of holiday joys, and feeling refreshed and invigorated and inspired, I have returned ready to do valiant battle against the forces of Chaos, Laundary, and Applied Mathematics.  I have found myself rising more or less reluctantly (as usual) and able to give myself over to breakfast time and endless questions and even smile (not usual - or at least not until the third cup of tea).  Circle time and projects and daily activities are slotting back into their usual places, without so much as a missed step in the dance.  How?  I didn't do anything different!


I feel different though.  Ready.  Present.


Fuelled by the baklava my lovely mum supplied me with, I have been Getting Things Done.  How badly things *needed* to Get Done around here.  And I'm not even claiming to be slightly back in control of the laundry; whatever nirvana state I was approaching before we went away has been totally done away with faster than you can say, "unpacking and also looking under the children's beds"...  But who cares?  Sewing and knitting projects!  Yay!


I finally mended Morgan's vest.  I don't know how much longer she can squeeze into it, since it was one of the first things I knitted, but she still loves it.  Talk about style - brown velvet, PJ top, and a knitted vest.  *melt*


Look, seriously, even an actual proper afternoon rest time (watching Matilda).  Sweet.  :)


For a moment, I thought I had the wrong kids.  Until Rowan and Jenna started kicking each other to get more room and woke Talia up...  Well, this is part of the warm cozy home life too - figuring out relationships with the aide of siblings.  Sometimes in ways that leave me fondly remembering the efficacy of walking the crazies off on the wild Wintery shores.

Next task, re-instating daily walks for those days when we're mostly home based.  Perhaps when we're all over this batch of illness.

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