12 November 2012

More Autumn Beauty

The promised stillness is cocooning us this week, a slowing, a noticing, a savouring.  Warm stews, pyjama days, cuddling up with blankets and good books, knitting and knitting (I am no longer behind with gift making but I'm not done yet either), and making proper hot chocolate.  These days are just lovely.  My plans, all of the things I thought we would be making time for, have been shuffled aside in favour of just being together.  The only exception so far has been the wonderful relaxed day we spend wandering around the lakes with family.

Tim, Nush, and baby Bea are lovely company.  It was great to finally meet her, she's an adorable little creature (it's her birthday today).

Rowan got tired and grumpy as we headed back towards the car, and got a ride on my back for the first time in over a year. I *love* Autumn.  I can't get enough of the colours and crispness, which are certainly making up for the short damp Autumn of last year.  :)


  1. I love the picture of you and Rowan, you both look so beautiful and content.

  2. Autumn is one of my favourite times too, when the weather finally cools and the colours of nature become warm and inviting.Hot choc and cuddling up (not always easy to do in summer here!).Its good to turn inward as the seasons change to the colder times of the year:)


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