3 November 2012

Blue Eye Genes and Homeward at Sunset

My middle brother and I both have bright blue eyes, in a family of brown-eyed folk.  And we're certainly making sure there are plenty of blue-eyed little people around the place.  We had a family meal today, celebrating the many November birthdays in our family, and the cousins got plenty of chance to smoosh on each other.

The "new" baby Joshua got an unfair share of squishes and kisses, but he is *so* cuddle-able.  Four months already, and so strong and sturdy and mobile for a little person.  That will have to be blamed on his genes, too.  Talia certainly thought he was perfectly kissable - she just wanted to climb and slobber all over the poor little fella.  She clearly thought him some fabulous new kind of doll, and tried to pick him up more than once even though he's bigger than her!

After coffee and Maarja's delicious cake and a turn for all the bigger ones on uncle Paul's shiny tablet computer, we walked home in the pink-skied dusk, looking out for trains over the bridge and inspecting the unripe figs on a tree that I'm certain I never saw figs on before.

Life is pink-tinged and perfect, today.  :)

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