21 November 2012

Yarn Along - knitting and reading and shopping and cooking


Knitting: more lace on Jenna's green foraging hoodie, a blue cotton cardigan that is going to be too big for its intended recipient, and this gorgeous little long sleeved shrug that doesn't have its sleeves yet.

Reading: hard to keep track of...  I have finished the previous couple of Highlander books and am now halfway through The Drums of Autumn (which so far isn't as good, but I'm sticking with it, the others were interesting descriptive haunting historical-ish fantasy fiction).

I have read Ally Condie's Matched and Crossed too.  I wasn't keen though, they were childish compared to the last few teen books I've read - the one reason I do find them charming is the passion for Literature running through them, in particular poetry.  I'd give them to a maybe twelve year old, but probably not have personally found them interesting much past fifteen.  My opinion of them wasn't helped by having to actually perform a factory reset before the ereader would display more than every other chapter of Crossed...  Yay for the entertainment of removing 60 books from my "Reading Now" menu, one at a time...

Oh, and I have been both stunningly lucky and unlucky with charity shops this week.  I unwillingly left behind a gorgeous Waldorf-esque craft book with lots of pretty felting projects, and returned later with enough cash only to find it had been sold already.  On the other hand, the same shop produced a fascinating recipe book; "Feasting With the Ancestors", which works its way through a selection of historical recipes from the earliest records to the modern world.  Jenna is intrigued, and I suspect that Ancient Egyptian feasts and Classical Greek meals may feature in our history lessons in the near future (since my little chef has been insisting on an increasing share in making our family meals, mostly from the Moomin Cookbook so far).

Sharing my knitting and reading along with Ginny and friends.  :)


  1. I really love the color you picked out for the hoodie. Reminds me of cranberries! :)

    1. The shrug is in Sublime Egyptian Cotton DK in Safflower - the colour is so perfect. :)


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