25 October 2011

Still poorly!

Ohhh yes indeedy.
Three coughing hot-to-the-touch sleepy beans *still*.

And I set the pattern for our week by passing out yesterday waiting for my lunch. :S The doctors said they could fit me in the same day, and I have a novel one to add to the list of reasons I'm crap at pregnancy; low blood volume, low blood pressure. Take it easy, drink lots of water, carry on my embarrassing pregnancy tradition of randomly sitting on the floor at regular intervals when out and about. Argh.

I'm going now, before I get really whiney. :(


  1. Ahh, sending you all lots of feel better soon blessings xxx

  2. Oh dear! Meep, and many get well wishes, thoughts, prayers and hugs... to you all... Keep up with your fluids.x

  3. Sorry to read things are definitely not good at your end, this is the last thing you need.

    Prayers sent for health and well being and love too.

    San and co xx

  4. oh dear. Sounds like you all need one BIG cyber hug! hope you are all on the mend soon and you get your blood issue sorted. XX

  5. (((hugs))) Not much fun isn't it when little ones are ill. Hope you're all feeling much better soon, hun.


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