28 October 2011

Edited Highlights

The bits of our week that didn't involve tears...
Garden games, and den building. Trains... Really the majority of our time spent cuddled up watching endless cartoons (Jenna), nursing (Roo), eating (the bottomless pit of a four year old), and reading (me). But, you know, there were bits of the week I did want to document. Sometimes I feel like no matter how often, and how authentically, I blog - it just always ends up being the very narrowly edited highlights.
A normal amount of mess and chaos. Why do the wellies (and Rowan's shed PJ top) live on my living room floor? Shouty mama omitted from all these updates as ever lol: although I have been very tired and very fed up and not the nicest mama in the world, I *have* lost my voice... So, not shouty, much, but only because I can't. :S
Jenna's map of Ancient Greece. The only thing we've done on Story of the World in weeks and weeks, but who cares? I'm proud. :)
We made cakes too. And candles.
Just as they are getting back to normal I am at my most ill. So today, well, mostly colouring sheets again lol. Thanks, Pinterest, for leading me to Barb's Galaxy.

I don't know, sometimes I don't know how we got through the week, or how we'll get through the next one. I don't want things to be like this. I want the world in my photographs, the one where we did stuff and enjoyed the world and look like we actually want to spend time together. :(


  1. Aw, slightly happier looking beans there. And a fair amount of productivity, all things considered. Get well thoughts still winging their way to you.x

  2. They have really taken it in turns to have their worst days, so there has always been at least one of them a *little* bit cheerful. :) They're doing much better now, coughing a little but nobody has run a fever in 48 hours (except me two days ago lol) and nobody is drowsy and out of it any more. Connor isn't very well today though!


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