29 October 2011

Autumn Season Table

How quickly we are heading into Winter again!


  1. I love the idea of a season table... we tend to decorate our front room and hearth with seasonal nature items but it's nice to have a focal point. Do you have it low down so the little ones can play, or is it seen as a cherished area to be enjoyed from afar? Autumn seems like a great time for us to start!

  2. Ours is on a shelf, it used to be more accessible but I'm glad it's to one side now because the extra toddler in the house might be a challenge too far lol.

    It's the third shelf up in the living room, the bottom two are under the level of the armchair next to it (and have my books on). The top two shelves are homeschooly stuff. :)

    The children are allowed to play, move it around, take things down, as long as things go back again (and are treated gently). It usually ends up either more bare than I like, or piled high with collected bits! I usually tidy it up before I photograph it, the only area of the house I do that for lol.

  3. Looks lovely and full of Autumnal warmth and colour!!

  4. I love your table, I am a true fan of seasonal tables!

  5. Hope you're feeling a bit better now hom, and the littlies too, it's rubbish beng ill. How many weeks are you now? Can't be long to go? Love the seasons table by the way, I should take a leaf out of your book and get on with changing ours! Much love xx


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