20 October 2011


So, here you go. Late as always! Knitting: still that petal baby vest for my sister in law (due, um, any day). As you can see, I'm only halfway through the lace collar, but making faster progress now it's easier to handle the work. :)
Reading: Temeraire by Naomi Novik. Napoleon plus dragons. I picked up a load of fantasy and science fiction from the library last week, as feeling so tired I'm a little slower on the crafting. It's a while since I read anything totally new to me, and its good to find something a little different. (I would be making faster progress on the book without the near-constant requests for more Harry Potter by a certain enthralled seven year old...)
I finished Jenna's Christmas mittens and sewed in all the ends last week. :) I made up the pattern to fit her, and they'll be just perfect! Lovely rainbow-ness.


  1. I'm reading Temeraire too! Enjoying it so far - is quite different from anything else I have read. Getting a little tired of his impeccable manners ;) There are about a million in the series, too...

  2. Gorgeous mittens! Shame the cardi is taking it's time, but lace really is something one needs to be able concentrate on or it ends in disaster.


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