21 October 2011

Catch-up: Autumn Walks

When Ashleigh was around, we took another lovely long walk around Attenborough. I foolishly looked at the weather before we set off and thought it would clear up. I grabbed a bag of spare clothes, thought about towels, and decided that would be daft (after all, nobody is going to end up in the lakes, ha ha)...
Tree climbing. Jenna wearing her new-to-us duffel coat. Sam getting stuck in (and stuck) too, just because.
Chasing and feeding the birds. More on this later.
And here is Morgan, cold, because in spite of my predictions, she ended up in the lakes. *sigh* It *would* be Morgan. She waded in looking at shells, until the water swamped her wellies and she was wet up to her knees. Back to the car. No spare trousers for Morgan, and the tights I threw in don't fit her. Ah well.
She wanted to walk, anyhow, so off we went. Had our picnic in the cold rain, to the endless surprise of a stream of wet passers by.
And halfway round? Connor chased a duck right into another lake and got soaked too. His very good waterproofs did their job, and thankfully he was neither particularly cold or particularly worried (he nearly gave his mama a heart attack though, and she got very wet fetching him out)!

My awesome friends all made it such a great (wet cold) day out. :) Thankyou Ashleigh, Sam, Kev, and of course Emma and Connor too. :)


  1. Such warm memories despite the chilly drizzle. Certainly keeping me going on this grey and chilly Friday morning! Loves you so much for always being up to entertain me even when you aren't feeling 100%.xxx

  2. Hi
    I have nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award on my blog!
    Kimmy x


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