27 October 2011

Late Knitting and Reading again

Reading: Atlantis. Ack. It was cheap for a reason. One of those thrillers where the author is really passionate about a particular obscure area of expertise and so spends most of the novel trying to explain it to the reader by means of having the characters engage in those ridiculous stilted conversations (you know, the ones where a group of professional divers keep telling each other what all their techy-jargon acronyms stand for). Ah well, I wasn't expecting much from it, but I really did need something non-demanding to read!
Knitting: improvised rainbow star dishcloth. I'm a bit in love with this. I might have to make a lot more of them...

Babies, all getting better today but still coughing terribly. I have no voice and am more flu-y than ever though. Narnia DVD, toast for dinner, more honey and lemon, some encouragement to the children to play outside when they want to make noise, and a lot of activity sheets are in order I think!


  1. Hi Sarah. Glad Jenna and Morgan are feeling better. I hope you and Rowan are feeling better soon. Just to say whenever I go on your blog my two have to point out and name your girls in the photo at the top. Our children may not spend a lot of time together but your girls are remembered and liked!! :-) H x

  2. The rainbow star is awesome, and very inspired. Where did you get the idea for that from?

    At at Helen - that's really cute of your kids!

  3. not a book you would recommend then? I do know the type you mean. oh well. maybe it will get better lol

  4. Beautiful knitting, hope you're feeling much better very soon. prayers still on going.

    Love San x

  5. I've seen the stars on Ravelry, in fact I even think I have one queued, but couldn't even be bothered to come put the computer on lol. In the end I knitted two, because Emma liked it so much I thought she'd better have one too! (And that petal lace is nearly nearly done, I just can't do more than two rows at a time without getting stressed out at it!)

    The book didn't get any better really haha. Ah well, I'm sure the local charity shop will appreciate it, it must be to somebody's taste to have sold so many copies (puzzled)!

  6. I have to say, any book that sells a lot never really does it for me..... i always wonder who buys these best sellers lol


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