9 January 2008

Singing her love out beautifully

I'm not pregnant; I have to say I'm definately more relieved than disapointed this time around. I do still want a baby before long but I'm being a bit more rational and realising that wanting it doesn't mean trying to make it happen just yet as the timing could be much better - and Martin still does not feel at all ready for another either. Morgan is sleeping again, and feeding in the day time instead. She also seems to have decided to drop all her previous baby signs and stick to just one - "milk" now means anything she wants!

We had a birthday party for my mum, in a restaurant and with other people eating who weren't expecting children running around. As usual though it was lovely to go out somewhere grown up with them in tow, just being a part of normal things and not feeling that we had to exclude them. Mum loved to have them there (and wow she looked so young and beautiful) and we had a great evening. One awful embarrasment happened though, Morgan was toddling around being sweet (and eating the bits of food she'd thrown on the floor before, yuck) when a young woman at a table near us held out her hand to her, expecting Morgan to come and say hi and hold her hand. Morgan looked at the hand, looked at the lady, took a bit of chewed food out of her mouth, and handed it over. Oops.

Something I've noticed from Jenna recently is that she sings as she plays, this beautiful sing-song speech just like it describes in the Waldorf books I've read. It's usually ascribed to older children but I hear her doing it all the time at the moment. Maybe because I sing to her all the time, folk songs, old songs, classical and rock and pop and everything between, made up silly songs, children's songs, tune-less meandering melodies telling her birth story and her life and my life and every fairy tale I know.

She drinks it in. And here she is, seated, lifting her voice to the sky singing a song for her sister about how much she loves her and how much her whole family care for her - acting it out in the dolls house as she does so. "You are my sister, you are my baby, you live here with me... And mummy changes your nappy, daddy changes every stinky nappy, but we don't mind because you are our baby...."

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