17 January 2008

A pill for every ill, and some sewing days

I've been a bit headachey recently, I don't think I'm drinking enough water. There's a holistic tip for you, if you're feeling rubbish then drink some water and wait a bit before you start getting painkillers out! I'm shouting at the telly on this matter quite a bit. Society has a pill for everything. Not sleeping enough? Got wind? Stressed? Sad? Feeling bloated? Eaten too much? Life too busy? Hangover? Achey? God forbid we actually live with the consequences of the stuff we shouldn't have done just once in a while. Here's my pill - Simplify, rest, drink more water and stop eating junk. I can do those things with two children, though admittedly I wouldn't mind being able to do them all a little more. ;)

We've been fabric painting and printing today. Making some new clothes and decorating the cloth bag Jenna had for Christmas. She's done a gorgeous job of it - one side has recognisable pictures of several wild animals with faces of all her family (Morgan is in a sling lol) and the other side is a tree. It has apples, leaves, a monkey and a squirrel. :) Jenna has really exploded in creativity, she does lovely watercolours with her little grown up paints and wet paper, I can often tell what it is these days although sometimes she just loves to talk about the colours "like lots of fires mixing around and around" she says about the reds and yellows.

I've been getting the sewing machine out too, making my amature clothes for them. Morgan has a new pair of dungarees, as cute as can be in lilac tartan. I'm pretty proud of them, as they look "finished" and not too home-made. When I do get to say that I made them myself the reaction is occasionally even surprise, which is always gratifying in a petty sort of way. Jenna has a pair of cute little tartan trousers waiting to be hemmed. I wish I was better at sewing actually, wish my skills turned to perfection rather than ingenuity. As little as I can spend on patterns it's all very well being able to adapt the dratted things and re-size them beyond the capacities of the orignal design, but I do sometimes wish I could make something with totally even seams or completely matched fabric pattern!

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