15 January 2008

Lessons for husbands

I tried to tell Martin that I'm broody today and he replied that it would be a really bad idea to have another baby now. Well thanks there Mr Sensitive. I wasn't saying I actually want one! But he had his fix-it hat on. We narrowly avoided rowing about it by me explaining that when I share my feelings with him I don't want to be talked out of it because I usually do actually know when I'm being irrational! He got it then, and we made up. All guys should have to be taught this at an early age; Do Not Try to Fix a Woman.

In spite of general sickness we've had a really good week. Jenna is so responsible at the moment and really doing well at listening to me. She's helping me tidy up more and playing so nicely with Morgan. I love seeing them together, I really do.

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