5 January 2008

No internet - really having consequences

We have been internet-less for nearly three weeks now I think and I've missed it a lot. I have to say perhaps I've missed it too much! But not really having real life support for so much of our lives I can get lonely and be inclined to lose my way a bit. Everyone needs a tribe. It's hard being separated from everyone and not knowing what's going on in their lives (your lives) and I have wanted to look something up or ask someone a question so many times recently and not been able to.

The girls seem really noisy at the moment, really rowdy and wanting to make irritating repetitive noises. As usual with the baby I put it down to her being a baby (though she really isn't any more) and with Jenna I tend to feel that she should be able to stop herself. This means that all my intentions are not stopping me from occasionally yelling, "SHUT UP!!" and then taking myself to the bathroom where I can lock the door for a maximum of five minutes and get myself together.

Luckily Jenna is just so good with Morgan most of the time that I don't have to think about that too much, and if the door is slightly ajar and Morgan tries to come up after me Jenna calls for me right away and stays behind her as she scales the first few steps. Nobody really told her to do that, she just knows, and she's more reliable than I am in spotting when Morgan has escaped. I'm so thankful for that, for her. She's a great kid.

Also to blame for the stress is that Morgan's sleeping hasn't settled down since she started to walk more. She's still feeding a lot at night - mostly she's so busy in the day time she doesn't feed at all but then will wake me every couple of hours for milk at night. Wake me properly too, to be up with her for more than half an hour just laying her back in the bed when she starts to climb and trying to get her to stay latched on for more than a minute. I'm tired!

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