31 August 2014

Hello, September!

2014-08-31 19.28.48

2014-08-31 20.05.34

2014-08-31 20.52.29

2014-08-31 21.18.42

2014-08-31 21.21.15

And in the morning, August will have passed and beautiful September will be here. We saw out the Summer tonight with the Classical concert on the park, and huge crowds of people, and laughing children, and squeals at the fireworks, and Rowan's shoelaces coming undone at least five times, and Talia falling asleep on Martin's shoulders on the way back to the car. Perfect.


  1. Looks so lovely. :) One year I *WILL* make it!

  2. Happy September Sarah, here we go head long into the familiar and the new :) xxx

  3. What a perfect way to say goodbye to August. I love September and the coming of Autumn :) xx


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