22 August 2014

A Minecraft Party


Having a birthday at the end of the Summer often means Jenna only has a couple of friends available for her party. She loves celebrating birthdays and wants her party close to her birthday, but this week is filled with last minute back to school preparations for so many of her friends and last minute efforts to go away as a family for others. So  I thought we might end up with twelve kids coming. Instead, our little house had almost thirty people in it. What an AMAZING birthday party!!


(I had to bring out extra jelly and extra cake!)

We played "hunt the mobs" with little hand drawn pictures of a spider, Creeper, and Herobrine head. The kids did a *lot* of squealing and screeching and running around pretending to be zombies. We fired a paper fireball into a cardboard Ghast target. And ate every scrap of party food.


As people started arriving I realised I hadn't really put any decorations up, so I grabbed a giant paper bag and turned it into a slightly wonky Ghast. It's still in the corner of the living room; the children have told me that it's their pet and it has to stay up because it likes living here.

I also made two Minecraft birthday cakes (square sponge cakes with jam in the middle, white icing cut into squared icing "drips", and glace cherries on top). I didn't take pictures of them before they were demolished, I rather hope someone else managed to get at least one picture (I was rather proud of them)!


  1. Benedict gad a minecraft party in June for his birthday. We had a nether portal between the front door and porch and found a minecraft scavenger hunt and trading game on Etsy it was around five pounds to download and worth every penny. He has since played the game another three times this summer.

    Kudos to you for catering for the extra hoards!!


  2. This is "totally epic" as Stampy would say! I have a small minecraft obsessive here as well and I had been thinking about how to recreate the minecraft cake. I hope you find a picture! :)

    1. The cakes were really really easy - Victoria sponge made in square tin, jam in the middle. I rolled out white icing and draped it over, before taking a sharp knife and very carefully cutting rectangular drips into the side! Glace cherries for on top, rather than squares of red icing as I've seen before. :)


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