17 August 2014

My Life In: the contents of my handbag

Here's my current bag - smaller and lighter than the giant mustard yellow one (which, much as I love it, is a little larger than necessary now that I'm rarely carrying cloth nappies around day to day).

I didn't pre-tidy the contents or sift out the junk, this is actually what was in my bag this morning when I came to grab my project bag out of the top.

- One emergency nappy and a complete change of clothes for the newly-out-of-nappies Talia.
- Another pair of toddler socks, slightly too small for her.
- Three pairs of toddler pants.
- Two sets of babylegs (rainbow branded babylegs and a pair of cheap long socks with the foot cut out after Jenna wore them into holes).
- Half a packet of non-eco supermarket wipes, bought on holiday.
- A cloth shopping bag, my keys, wallet, and camera.
- Knitting project bag.
- Pacifica vanilla perfume.
- Rescue remedy.
- A large chunk of rose agate.
- Turquoise felted brooch for pinning up shawls.
- Cinnalou's glass bead bracelet.
- A few bits of general paper rubbish, gathered nature, some loose change.
- Plasters.
- Hair bobbles (three).
- Jenna's copy of "Wreck This Journal".
- Two of my large selection of notebooks; one journal I have not written in for at least three weeks and one scruffy general notebook with most of the pages missing and toddler scribbles on the front.
- A small yellow plastic Octonaut (Tunip) which Talia grabbed as soon as she saw it (hence, not pictured).

And inside the knitting project bag:

- The shawl I'm working on.
- Plastic pouch with interchangeable knitting needles, a crochet hook, needle gauge, and a couple of stitch holders.
- Small metal tin containing tape measure, scissors, sewing needles, thread, a couple of buttons, and a selection of stitch markers.

What do you always carry? :) (And, am I the only one who is totally incapable of clearing out the random paper bags, receipts, and occasional clothing tags? My wallet contained several money off coupons which were over three months out of date!)


  1. Bits of paper, mainly shopping lists anx to-do lists, a pen, my purse, make-up bag, hairbrush, solid perfume from Lush, coupons, emergency paracetamol, inhaler, stones found at the beach and library cards. :-) Still loving your blog x

  2. Well, you see I have a bag for walking the dog (it has to be cross body so the lead can be switched hand to hand), I have a church bag, large enough for Scriptures and text books and my note books, I have a large basket bag for going shopping in fine weather and a large fake leather bag for shopping in the wet. What this means is, all of the paper rubbish are permanently decanted from one bag to the next, until the volume is ridiculously large and then I tip them all out and find all manner of random things that was in the bad detritus cycle lol. Would you call that a system haha. Val xxx

    1. Hahaha oh yes, that counts as a system! Wonderful! <3

  3. Love your bag! It is a sign of a full and busy life x


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