7 August 2014

House moving fun (No, not us)!


We helped Ash move to her new place over the weekend. Lots of carrying of boxes and visiting of furniture shops. It was so fun for me to be able to interfere be nosey help out. :)


Yes, um, this is Talia's new thing in the car - falling asleep holding on to her foot. She only does it when she's forward facing (so that we can fit people in all the seats, as her usual rear-facing seat is much wider). Toddlers are weird.


This is the pre-unpacking study. OK, craft room.

While Martin and Ash shifted the new book case from the shop to the flat, I walked the children around a pet shop.


Talia: "What dat frog?"
Me: "It's a bearded dragon."
Talia: "'Kay... Dat baby dwagon."

Jenna: "Look Tali, crickets!"
Talia: "Oh no, 'pider cryin!"

Outside the pet shop, Talia decided she needed to be naked. It's the first time in a while that she has tried to take off all her clothes in public - it used to be a really regular occurance and meant we rarely ventured out of the house unless I had an extra adult. Whilst people tend to be amusedly tolerant of a toddler wearing nothing but a nappy in hot weather, in Winter it's frowned upon (as well as plain inadvisable), and she was fully capable of unpoppering nappies too if the mood took her. Months and months of battling over clothes any time I was brave enough to take them all out on my own. Yeah.


Anyhow as you can see, sympathetic as always, I took a picture as evidence that life with toddlers is sometimes just like this. (I had just told her, "Dress stays on!" hence the cross face! I then distracted her from stripping by showing her the picture, which amused her for long enough to get her back in the car. "Look, pic-cha mee!")

I think I forgot any possible point I was making, so I'll leave it at that! Talia is sitting on my lap as I type, and is admiring the pictures again most sweetly. She just told me, "Taya dress ON." So she obviously remembers that brief afternoon disagreement!

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  1. Haha! Love this post! I'm rather relieved that you still thought it was fun, despite the sticky hot weather, long days and manual labour! Thanks for all your help, it very much eased a weekend of hard work and no furniture.x


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