8 August 2014

(snippets of our normal)

Outside my window the grey sky is a blank slate, fresh from pouring heavy warm rain down upon us only moments ago. The hedge glistens with water droplets. Discarded clothes from the children's games lie damply on the muddy grass - more laundry for me! The contorted willow is finally (and blessedly) coming back into leaf after being heavily eaten by tiny green caterpillars this Summer.

I am thankful for the lightness creeping back, for surviving periods of depression, for that returning feeling that I *will* be OK at some point in the future.

In the kitchen there are stacks of soup bowls from lunch, and baking trays dusty from the scones we made and devoured this afternoon. We haven't had tea yet; rice and mushroom curry from the takeaway is the ultimate comfort-food plan when Martin gets home from helping a friend to shift a new armchair across town.

I am wearing a hippy top that doesn't really fit me all that well any more, dark red with a tiny yellow and magenta floral print. And the orange patchwork skirt. Amber beads. Hair pulled back, as it so often is. I'm thinking about cutting it again, or dyeing it bright red, or *something*.

I am creating gradient dyes, mainly, right now. Some for the shop, and some for the shawl I'll be working on this week. I have averaged almost one small project a day this week.

I am going to an Attachment Parenting family picnic tomorrow. And a birthday party on Sunday. I so want to return to the commune in Liverpool one weekend soon, and keep discovering that somehow I have forgotten other things which I agreed to months ago. (More apologies to the play dates we apparently forgot about this month. My mind is so scattered lately.)

I am reading The Cuckoo's Calling. (Or I will be, when I get chance to do more than pick it up and move it from room to room with me.)

I am hoping... well I would say I am hoping for an early night, but as we still haven't had anything to eat this evening and the children are making elaborate paper collages all over the floor...

One of my favourite things is the smell of rain in Summer. Rich and fresh at the same time.

Around the house:
I actually put away some clean laundry today. It has only been sitting lying around on chairs and dressers for about two weeks. I have strange nightmares about the laundry pile chasing me; I can't pretend that I'm not fully aware what these mean.

There is a doll crib in the living room, tied with large looping bands of thin elastic from my sewing box. A doll appears to have her leg suspended in this cat's cradle of white bows. Earlier this was part of a game of hospitals.

Two playstation controllers trail across the floor - between the game of hospitals and the cutting-of-paper, Jenna and a friend were playing Sonic. Jenna gives characters in video games voices, and keeps up a constant stream of their imagined conversations.

A peek into my day:





   Another Simple Woman's Daybook.
(New Tshirt from Teefury. New Gallifreyan artwork from Chronix Gallery.)


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