8 September 2014

September Adventures

Back to school time, and I'm now legally responsible for facilitating full time education for three. No feeling of panic this year, or urge to get out folders just to feel like I'm doing something. New posters for Autumn ideas and inspiration, though. And a gradual return to some kind of household order as my depression lifts (often a bit too much order and not enough playing-with-the-kids or being-gentle-to-myself, as I suffer from a case of All or Nothing Syndrome).

The start of the school year has felt really peaceful this time around. Our Summer is transitioning into Autumn calmly and smoothly. We are getting out of the house a bit more. Life has a familiar sense of flow, and I am no longer flailing desperately for breath.


Morgan has been getting out the pencils a lot in the two weeks since I tidied their shelves. She even initiated some copywork after Jenna had some poetry books out.



We caught up with some friends we haven't seen for a while, and took a nature walk. The children foraged, pretended to be zombies, climbed up and down the river banks, and poked a dead rabbit with sticks.



Some very friendly little birds chirped at us in town.

And Rowan made an apple pie all by herself, with apples from our tree.

Jenna and Morgan went on a first aid course. Rowan and Talia waited somewhat impatiently, and inspected the ambulances. We bought new pens (and cookies) on the way home.

We visited Ikea and built flatpack furniture at Ashleigh's house.


Wollaton Hall had a festival running, a new trail around the museum exhibits, and some wonderful tiny bug sculptures.


We have installed mods for Sims. Painted. Collected leaves and acorn caps and stones and feathers. Baked cupcakes. Read together. Played in the garden. Pulled out the encyclopedia to look for pictures of seals. Threaded beads, Made apple sauce. Had friends round to play. Made our own notebooks.

It was a good week. :)


  1. I'm so glad you are finding light at the end and that life is picking up for you again. :) You do seem to have been really busy, so much there filling up your life.

  2. Glad you are feeling better - me too :)


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