29 September 2014

Book Sharing Monday: Leaf Jumpers

Look, two weeks in a row might be the beginning of something reliable, but I doubt it so enjoy/put up with it while it lasts. ;) Seasonal book sharing: Leaf Jumpers.

Bright, colourful, and simple. Talia quite likes this one, but Rowan thinks it's boring, so I'd not put this firmly on a wish list for a child past toddlerhood. The illustrations are sweet and lively, though.


Autumn is, for some reason, the most sparse in terms of our seasonal book collections. My grandma kindly sent money to buy new books for the children, and I bought a couple of new ones with that, but there really aren't as many out there as I'd have thought. It feels like a good time of year to be pulling out a basket of stories, and Talia clearly agrees as she is bringing me bigger stacks of picture books every day (or at least it feels like that). Of course, I can't complain about not having enough Autumn books when the box I store them all in on top of my wardrobe contains so many Winter books I've taken to stacking some in my journal/ephemera/paper/collage basket... I should probably go through that at this time of year. I might be able to bear to let a couple go, and make some more room!

(Apologies for the extremely dark photographs! I'm rather lacking light here right now...)

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  1. We don't have many autumn books either, perhaps there aren't as many out there? It is difficult to find good books on the seasons as I never know what to search for........We like The High Hills by Jill Barklem a Bramley Hedge book but I suspect you already have that one......


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