8 January 2014

Yarn Along - pilot hats

Well, the lovely Denise did warn me that this pattern was addictive! :) I've knitted two Turtle Knits pilot caps this week, and I can't decide what yarn to cast on a third in. I know, I know I promised to get on with the Low Tide, but... little bonnets...!

This one was a next-size-up for Talia who has finally decided she loves to wear a nice warm hat. Rowan has made off with it, though. Oh dear, I guess I have to knit another. ;)

The yarn is my hand dye, kettle dyed Hummingbird on merino silk. I *love* merino silk. I would just knit with this all day long. Oh, wait, I already sort of did!

I have also read Raising Steam, which of course I enjoyed hugely, though it felt just a little bit like it was missing a punch line. I might have to re-read it to decide. It was another average length Discworld book, but seemed longer, as it spanned a greater time frame than they usually seem to. As usual, witty, light, deep, insightful, and highly distracting from important things like eating and sleeping. So my general reluctance to commit to it could be my general prejudice against any Discworld book with Moist as the main character. Well, it wasn't my favourite ever. (Just for those of you who don't know me very well, the more I love a book or film the more I pick apart all the reasons why it wasn't quite perfect. My love affair with Doctor Who results in endless theoretical conversations and nit-picking that seriously annoys my very laid by husband!)

I am not feeling very bookish since Christmas. I don't have any wonderful new series lined up in the wings though, so perhaps I'm waiting for something new to grab me again. :)

I'm going to get to work on that Low Tide, though. Really I am.

Joining in with Ginny and friends!


  1. Hi there, I just found you over at ginny's. I'm working on small projects too at the moment. I'm just getting into reading since the holidays too.
    Happy knitting,

  2. OOh just noticed your etsy shop...lovely yarn.

  3. Wonderful hat, that yarn is just beautiful.

  4. Adorable knitting can see why you are hooked - pardon the pun!

  5. Oh how I love that yarn even its name 'hummingbird' is gorgeous. I would so love something knitted in this lovely yarn...hmm, am thinking I might just have to ask you dear Sarah :):) xx

  6. Beautiful knitting gorgeous wool x


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