3 January 2014



Yule came and went, with Christmas hot on its heels as always. This month has left me with the impression of a beautiful blur of festivities. :)



This is the first year ever that I have not prodded my children awake excitedly at around 8am - I heard them awake at around 6 instead and stood in the doorway marvelling at the sheer pleasure they derive from such small surprises as new socks (every year), pencils (every year), and a book (every year). :)



Jellybeans and hand knits!!



Christmas dinner, and in spite of having eaten kosher for a couple of years now I cooked ham for the children who requested it.


And we're already almost at the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas, our giving quests all small ones this year, at least one little action a day to share the wealth of blessings we have. Yet another year where I'm wondering where twelve months has gone, and how all this time is just racing past!

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