25 January 2014

Brilliant Books (plus storms, shows, and sewing)

Today has been one of the most changeable days.

Mum told us that our favourite book shop was in the process of closing down and had reduced everything to £1, so apart from the sadness of it no longer being there after today we obviously all wanted cheap books. We came home with an amazing haul, thanks to my mum offering to buy!


(That isn't even all of it. We totally took advantage of her generosity.)

Rowan was a bit unhappy in the shop, as grandma had said she was buying books not toys. Rowan moped a bit before choosing a sewing kit which just about met the criteria of "not toy". Martin and I were so busy looking at books we didn't really notice just how cross and fed up Roo was getting until we got out of the book shop and Rowan erupted in to full on meltdown about wanting a toy and needing to go to the toy shop next door. With just enough money for parking, we said no. Martin carried Rowan, who was shouting, "I WANT TO GET A TOY!" back to the car, where she started screaming, "I DROPPED MY SEWING KIT!" Martin retraced our steps. Someone had picked it up and taken it home with them.

At that point it all came flooding out. She had wanted a toy "because I can't read yet!" and she was cross with us for ignoring her in the shop and she just wanted her sewing things back. I apologised for not listening, and she readily forgave me (which generally makes me feel more guilty than if she'd stayed mad at me).

So much up and down (and shouting) in the first part of our morning often leads to a generally fed-up-with-each-other day, but this popped in to my head: "the next moment is a whole new chance at something good"! [Su Penn via - and paraphrasing - Sandra Dodd] And it was. We read some of our new stories. I made her up a new sewing kit from felt and yarn I already had in the house. 

We watched the most incredible storm. Rowan and I spent a happy half hour looking through months of Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks. :)


We went to see Jenna's drama group show, and I packed all the fun snacks I could find in the house.


So now we're watching Spongebob and winding down for the night, the two youngest babies snuggled up falling asleep on our laps under the rainbow crochet blanket. Today has been filled with really wonderful moments (and Jenna was such a lively happy little star along with the rest of the children's chorus). :)


  1. Aw hugs to Roo and well done you for making such a positive change. Jenna looks very grown up in her drama gear!

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday x

  2. What a busy day. Poor Rowan and her lost sewing kit. I'm glad you managed to sort something out at home.

    I noticed a single lightening flash and one bout of thunder yesterday. A little disappointed as I do like a good storm.

    Well done to Jenna :)


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