23 January 2014

Simple Daybook on another slump day

January stretches on, plans are frequently getting reassessed as money is tight, and we are all just a little bit crotchety with each other. Today seems grey. The rain turns the garden to mud. The children bounce on the bed, and fight over whose turn it is to have a bath, and eat digestive biscuits with chocolate spread, and complain about the lack of apples (when I had to throw away three half eaten ones I found on the floor yesterday). There's nothing really wrong. Just the weight of days.

Outside my window... the rain is pouring down, cold and heavy. The roof tops glisten darkly and the hedge is garlanded with silver. The willow tree waves bare contorted branches, and the mud gets traipsed in every time we venture out. The slightest sign of budding leaves will be greeted with celebration here!

I am thankful... for hot chocolate, siblings playing together, crochet blankets, and central heating.

In the kitchen... the left over crusts from the middle children's sandwiches show evidence of peanut butter and strawberry jam. Bean chilli and roast sweet potatoes are cooking for tea, in the slow cooker and oven respectively. The floor badly needs mopping after garden expeditions.

I am wearing grey tshirt, red and brown floral skirt, and a shawl.

I am reading... Story of the World again, to a nine year old who asked me to start reading a chapter a day aloud again. Cast On Bind Off for knitting reference. Nothing much for me, I ran out of books again.

I am hoping... that fruit and nuts and yummy organic chocolate from Approved Foods come today. I would really like to have some more interesting snacks to offer these always-hungry children.

I am looking forward to... Jenna's drama group show over the weekend, going bowling with local home ed families again, Spring seaside holidays, and pay day (ohh yes indeed).

I am learning... to accept and find joy in the slump days and to gracefully relinquish planned outings when there is no money for the trip... And a new bind-off for elastic edges to my rainbow shawl.

One of my favourite things... is planning craft projects and rearranging my Ravelry favourites and queue!

A peek into my day (yesterday, when we walked to bowling, met friends, and generally had a very busy day of randomness)...




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