24 January 2014

This Toddler

This toddler...

...flings herself head first off furniture and anything else she can climb.

...shouts "two, two THREE!" in warning that she is about to try something dangerous.

...is instantly totally devoted to any animal she meets. Especially my mum's scaredy rescue dog Lucy, and our obnoxious guard-cat Izzy.



...brings life to a halt by climbing in to my lap and shouting BOOOOB when she is tired.

...likes snippy scissors, which we have a hell of a time keeping out of her way. This week she snipped the back cover out of one of our Horrible History books.

...says, "oh sheet" when she breaks something. (Oops.)



...climbs in to my bed at an unmentionable time of the morning and stays there snuggled up until she hears her preferred entertainment downstairs (sisters). Sometimes she even climbs on to their bunks and shouts at them to WAKE UP until they pay her attention.

...cries for Jenna any time Jenna goes out, or any time she doesn't hear her calling. Big sisters are better than mummy for hand holding on long walks, especially.

...eats more macaroni cheese than any of the adults in the family.

...has favourite favourite toys including: Jenna's doll, Rowan's rainbow dash pony, Jenna's miniature Daleks, and my knitting needles.

...is still babied and adored by all of us (of course). :)



  1. Oh my goodness Talia really has become a toddler, although she will always be your baby :) xx

  2. She's such a sweet funny little thing, I do love the toddler years. :)


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