28 January 2014

Touching Base


Quaker stripes, growing.


Creative play, spreading across the floor.


Chatting, sitting, learning, building, side by side Minecrafting with Morgan.


A Rowan with her little purse, singing a song about baby's day.


Dressing up, and dancing, as always.


A program about Penguins to watch, and a funny baby bringing some to me as I knit.


Mean kitty, scritching. Sweet sad baby, snuggling.

Compass points and grid references, Ariadne's string, playing at libraries, skateboarding in the muddy garden, baking a banana loaf and eating it, symmetry play and mandalas. Toddler trying to colour in a dining chair, slicing carrots for snack times and sorting all the story books. A four year old making letter shapes with tree blocks, and a nine year old reading stories from South America. Anime and Asgard and The Lorax and planning for Chinese New Year.

Connecting, playing together. Going with the flow.

Just another home day.


  1. What an excellent day. Oscar has just discovered minecraft and we have had a few tantrums getting him off :( We not have to put a screen time limit in place for him, for the first time. What's your take on that Sarah? (he is about to turn age 5), V xxx

    1. We don't limit their Minecraft play times, though we only have one computer and four of us wanting to use it so they do take turns.

      After the first few days of wanting to play on Minecraft all day they remembered that there were other things they wanted to do as well. They play so creatively with it I wouldn't limit it any more than I'd ration a book they loved. :) xx


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