14 August 2013


Yesterday was definitely a day of unexpected treats. I took the girls in to town for a surprise fun activity, making their own bath bombs and bubbles at Lush. The queue was long, and Talia was tired and grumpy, but the girls were so excited (and stood playing hand clapping games in the queue for nearly half an hour while I paced, nursed, paced, nursed, soothed the tired one).


When they got their turn, the baby had cheered up enough to try to get in on the action!


Then, being in town, of course we had to stop by The Cake Hole again. We took a small selection of children's books to leave for her customers, and the children begged for olives from her lovely vegan mezze lunch menu.

Talia is such a poser.

Bye! See you again soon!

Pea and mint risotto for tea, and podding fresh peas...

Then the little ones went to bed, and Martin and Jenna walked to the cinema to see Sea of Monsters (Jenna was predictably annoyed that it was nothing like the book). Which left me blissfully silently alone for the longest I can remember being totally alone in, well, maybe five years or more? It was strange, and incredibly peaceful, and just a little lonely. I feel so... peaceful. Like the solitude has been carried over into today. What a blessing for a tired frazzled mama.

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  1. ohhh. lush is a wonderful place. how lucky to make your own bath bombs!! and how special for you to have a nice rest!


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