31 August 2013

Simple Daybook with blackberry yarn, hair cuts, and avoiding cleaning the kitchen

Outside my window the garden is strewn with toys. The children have had painting set up on the raised pallet area, watercolours and an olive jar of grey paint-water. One of the little stools from the living area is out there, upturned. The potatoes and apples are ready to harvest any time now. Calendula is flowering, golden bright in the raised beds.

I am thinking how wonderful it is to be made a hot cup of tea by a sweet daughter. :)

I am thankful for healthy strong children, this husband who really sees me, friends who encourage and share the crazy ups and downs.

In the kitchen... um... this is where others share the fresh bread rising and the plans for dinner, right? My kitchen is strewn with plates (which is my next task for the day, honest!) and there appear to be sweets on the floor. I handed the girls a packet of mints this morning in bribery of the "just eat these and stop whining about there being no more dried mango PLEASE" variety. They didn't eat the sweets so much as tip them out and leave them there. Another job to add to the list.

I am wearing purple and black goth/hippy dress again. Brown/purple/orange headscarf. A bracelet of bright yellow handspun that my six year old tied around my wrist this morning.

I am creating Autumn fairies, tiny stitches in wool felt forming little bodies - a leaf fairy, a blackberry fairy, slowly appearing. I just cast off a baby cardigan, a ribbed beanie, and that gorgeous Low Tide (which I can now finish off with the gorgeous tiny shell buttons the post-person just brought). I just finished plying some blackberry-bush coloured aran weight 2-ply. :)

I am going out for lunch with a dear friend, and without my entourage of small children. This is a rare and precious occurrence. I usually return refreshed and missing the rowdy chaotic little wild ones!

I am wondering when the dear Mister will get back from helping my mum take recycling to the tip. He's been gone a while and I could do with a hand to clear the kitchen up. Of course, right now I am not in fact clearing the kitchen up at all, only writing about it. ;)

I am looking forward to becoming car owners again some time next week, and being able to travel the extra distance to some very favourite historical sites, wilderness, and friends.

Some favourite things: pixie hair on the four year old (even sibling inflicted ones *sigh*), eldest re-reading The Odyssey, frilly dresses and the little people who dance around in them, rainbow candles on the mantle, a handful of hazelnuts, and sharp fresh apples from our tree.

A few plans for the rest of the week: a fourth birthday party to attend, not-back-to-school day, and sending off yarn to an actual real life shop which will be stocking my hand dye. :)

A peek into my day...
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Simple Woman's Daybook


  1. Wow! How exciting to be stock by a real live shop! :) Your hand-dye is *so* beautiful though - it was only ever a matter of time!


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