4 August 2013

Studio Box with BEADS!

We got our My Little Atelier box from Woodland Children again, so exciting to open and see what activities are inside to inspire us to create something new this month. This month's box was SO incredibly generous, lots of thoughtful options for children to create depending on age and ability, and even something for the smallest artists to join in with older siblings.



This month is based on African bead art and sculptures, and there were a selection of suggested ideas to try. Morgan started by making a flat picture with wire and teeny tiny glass beads (she was so patient putting the tiniest beads perfectly in order) and then I carefully twisted the wire ends together and made a little loop for her to wear it as a necklace.

Meanwhile Tali and Roo had their own easier-on-little-fingers option. Rowan just wanted to thread beads, so I turned her little "bracelets" into a hanging sculpture for her. Admittedly mostly to stop the bracelets getting lost as quickly... She is so proud of it, and keeps telling people to look up at the window and see "my work"!



We also got a bead mosaic activity, which they haven't had chance to get to yet. So another great surprise this month - and materials left to carry over for more creative activities through the month. :)


  1. After seeing your post last month, I looked into the Atelier and have treated us to a subscription too! We were so excited to get our first box and I'm planning to have a go this week :-) thanks for the great inspiration xx

  2. Am also being tempted......

    Have also discovered the BBC (CBeebies ) art magazine.......definately towards the younger two- but they have some nicer quality ideas and two or three projects where everything is there (always a bonus in my book) and each issue is a theme eg collage etc plus some further ideas- of course some are 'character themed'..........


Penny for your thoughts? :)