19 August 2013

Daybook, when frazzled and tired

Outside my window the sky is grey but the air is warm. This week has felt decidedly more Autumnal, but today we are back to summery albeit overcast. The garden is a mess, and the potato plants are looking straggly and unloved, they will be ready for harvesting in just another week or so.

I am feeling exhausted. Talia has been having a rough day - ie crying and asking to be picked up, then trying to fling herself out of my arms kicking and screaming, then crying again when I put her down. Getting to sling meet and back made me just a little crazy. It took four attempts to back wrap her to head home.

I am thankful that we all got home safely. I am thankful for a comfortable safe colourful home nest to retreat to. I am thankful for redcurrants in the veg box and storm-grey spinning. I am thankful for the kind lady in the shop who chatted to Talia sweetly and petted her while she raged at the check out.

In the kitchen I have enchilada ingredients waiting for me to prepare tea. I *love* enchiladas.

I am wearing a purple and black swirly goth-y dress, teal cardigan, and turquoise charm bracelet.

I am creating: more handspun, I'm carding blue and turquoise together to spin and ply with the storm grey. I'm still knitting away on the straight section of the Low Tide cardi, which is coming on beautifully. I'm sewing some little felt season table fairies. And basically taking on tons of projects at once as usual. :)

I am reading some random paperback crime novels my mum left for me. Mostly James Patterson, that sort of thing. The kind of books I get half way through before realising I already read them.

I am hoping Talia starts to want to actually walk in the same direction as the rest of us some time soon. It's very frazzling. :S

I am looking forward to Jenna's birthday and Mad Hatter's Tea Party on Friday. :)

I am learning lots about plying a balanced yarn, though I have yet to actually achieve that!

Around the house there are the usual piles of laundry. The large map of the world poster refuses to stay stuck to the wall in the living room. At least the bulk of the chores I was evading last week were done over the weekend!

Some of my favourite things: fresh lavender from the garden, stripy rainbow straws, home made pink milk, glass beads, little girls in hand made skirts and cardigans, a cup of hot chamomile tea, painted pebbles.

A peek into my day:






  1. Days like that with a wayward toddler can leave you totally wrung out - sounds like you have some great coping strategies though. I love the colour of the wool you are knitting up in the first picture - it is like my Vaila's eyes. xx

    1. It's a beautiful pattern, and I'm very much enjoying knitting it in the lovely bright sea shades. :)

      Toddler is very cheerful today! I think she's going to turn me into a hermit while this phase lasts, the sweet funny beautiful little ratbag. :/


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