23 August 2013

A Letter to Jenna

These celebration days that wake you with early morning excitement, days which you fill with joy and wonder, they catch me somehow deep in the pit of my stomach, with a deep solemnity and almost a mourning at this merciless passage of time. This day will never come again. You are nine, already, quicker than blinking, and every year I marvel more that I was gifted with getting to know you. And more surprising still, and more dear a responsibility, that you have become my friend.

You are interested, and interesting. Passionate and wild and brave and true. Frustratingly single-minded sometimes, exhaustingly enthusiastic always, creative, articulate, and I really must mention how very tall and athletic you are getting...

This year your desire to fit in has heightened, yet at the same time you have found other passionate enthusiastic misfits to befriend. Drama group and your shows have been wonderful for your confidence in who you are. Right now you love gaming, Doctor Who, Literature, greek myths, Harry Potter, natural history, sewing, painting, and Warehouse 13. My dearest wish for you is that you keep on being proud of your own uniqueness.

You are such a wonderful sister, usually so kind and so willing to give to them - time, attention, the endless small gifts you save up odd pennies for. They follow you, copy you, I *know* they drive you crazy sometimes! Remember how much your words can hurt - and how much they can heal.

Learn, grow, run free. Sing. You are loved more than you can ever know.

Happy birthday, dear, beautiful Jenna.


  1. Such beautiful words to celebrate Jenna's birthday. I hope you all have a wonderful day together. My, how time passes before our eyes, love and cherish it all dear mama xxx

  2. Aww happy birthday beautiful girl spend it well.

  3. Happy Birthday from all of us here (especially Grace!)

  4. I can finally post! I left a message on face book earlier in the day but here's another:

    Happy Birthday Jenna, hope you have a fab day and birthday blessings to you sweet mama friend for all the hard work!

    San xx

  5. Happy birthday Jenna! You can't be 9 already!

  6. So sweet! Happy birthday Jenna!


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