8 August 2013

Belated Yarn Along - granny squares

Yes, I am still working on those two big projects, but I also started a granny square cushion. Because, you know, I can't ever just stick to a plan.

This is my current collection of random acrylics going into the huge blanket, and also now this cushion.

And this is the face of the small person who carefully unravelled two entire balls of the stuff on the living room floor last week. It's impossible to stay cross with the little munchkin! Especially since every time she gets into mischief she sits there saying, "holp - meee," in such a forlorn little voice, "holp - me - mummeeee!"


  1. She is growing so fast! You creations are beautiful how do you find the time for it all?

    1. Benign neglect. ;) Accepting that the house is always going to be covered in laundry. And crocheting whilst breastfeeding. :D


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