15 May 2013

Yarn Along - The Unbelievable Sleep-Climbing Baby

OK so this is what I'm actually working on today:

Rainbow wrist warmers. And that's the book I just finished, Mirror Dreams by Catherine Webb which I enjoyed hugely overall (and she wrote it when she was fourteen, which I can't help be impressed by given the number of books I've read written by adults that *sounded* as though written by a fourteen year old)! I likes the random fantasy book series finds. :)

I'm not going to show progress pictures on the shawl. Needless to say it's still not *quite* finished and it's still not blocked and you can just wait til next week when it will be both.

Anyway, the "and a funny story" bit. Last night I was doing dishes in the kitchen while baby napped on the sofa. I hear a whimper and the start of a cry from the living room and thought, uhoh I'm going to be interrupted now. Then nothing. So I didn't go to check on her.

When I came back through, this is what I found: Baby, asleep, hugging the shawl. Clearly mama smells like sheepy squishiness and vice versa.

More impressively, this is what she had done (halfway sleep, remember) to get to the shawl!

Yeah, I have weird kids. And also, yes, Martin and I laughed and took pictures before rescuing the poor tired darling.

Joining in the Ginny and friends for the weekly Yarn Along share. :)


  1. That's hilarious! What a funny little squish!

  2. Ah be still my heart.....

  3. Totally love it, so sweet and yep she is right you are one woolly mama!!!


    1. I must often smell like undyed wool to be fair! :)

  4. Hello there! I just wanted to leave a comment (now I've got some computer time!) to say how much I love your blog - I've been reading for a few months but don't really get a chance to comment. I'm still pretty new to the whole parenting thing but your words/pictures are very inspiring and are helping me to develop my thoughts on unschooling (I just have to convince my partner now! ;)).
    Peace x


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