6 May 2013

Day Book from a day of re-enactment and summer warmth

Outside my window the sky is brightest blue with tiny high wisps of cloud. It is a true summer's day with the barest breeze, the girls and I are all in summer dresses (actually, not all, the baby has been running around bare since we got back from Wollaton hall.

I am thankful for healthy joyful inquisitive children. I am thankful for the tax rebate that means we have a car again. I am thankful for the soothing repetitive work of knitting my shawl when I am tired and frazzled. I am thankful for this gentle, present, patient husband of mine.

In the kitchen... oh gosh, well I left a total disaster area in there this morning when I made our picnic. We had caramelised onion quiche, couscous with lemon and herbs, home made falafel with yoghurt and mint dip, raw crunchy veggies, and raspberry muffins. And I left all the washing up and now *really* don't want to do it.

I am wearing a floor length teal jersey dress and non-matching brown socks, with my favourite headscarf.

I am creating a summer shawl of loveliness (about half way now). I have plans to dye a couple of sets of lovely summer play silks for my shop. There is also more yarn coming (tomorrow, I hope) because I have plans for a lovely fine lace cardigan for Jenna and striped wrist warmers for a friend. :)

I am going swimming tomorrow, I think. We have been throwing around a few ideas for what Mr Martin might want to do on his birthday, and he reckons swimming. Possibly preceded by a cooked breakfast, if he's very lucky.

I am wondering whether my poor rhubarb plant will survive having been attacked by a renegade four year old with a spade...

I am looking forward to a planned trip to stay with Ashleigh in Yeovil one last time before she moves house (and county) over the summer. We will see friends around Bournemouth and Poole, visit the fossil beaches, explore the gorgeous parks, and quite probably eat an indecent amount of icecream.

I have learned several quite interesting things about cannons and cannonballs this morning (as well as having to calmly prevent one of my children from flinging one at another). I am also learning just how wonderful it is for my children when their mother is calm and happy, and not frantic and miserable. I really feel that the sun has been a major factor in this corner we have turned, as well as the positive and gentle encouragement of some wonderful friends.

I am pondering good habits. Just Add Light and Stir

A favourite quote for today: You can't save people - you can only love them.

One of my favourite things is the funny little bop the baby does any time she hears music.

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  1. Ah yes the old chestnut - "please don't throw that cannon ball at your sister" :-) It's amazing what you think will never come out of your mouth as a parent, and then it does, I've recently had, "that fan is not a ninja weapon" and "I don't think you should joust in the living room" :-)


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