9 May 2013

Bluebell meanderings


Today we mostly pottered around at home. Jenna worked on designing a level for her favourite playstation game, and I dyed some silks, roving, and yarn. Rowan played Octonauts and untidied along behind Martin trying to clean. Morgan just wanted absolutely anybody to play clapping games with her, and pinballed around between whoever was free for a moment.

We wanted to get out of the house, just for a little while, so we headed up to see the bluebells in the woodland near where my mum lives.



Talia had been very tired this afternoon (that's what happens when you don't want to sleep at night, baby!) so I figured she would probably stay in the sling. I was mistaken. She, in fact, wanted to toddle shoe-less through the brambles, and hassle the sisters for sweeties! In the picture above, you can *just* see her little blonde head in the top left, following Jenna as fast as she was able...


Recently this big girl is really getting on so much better with everyone. A lot of that fiery frustration has gone, and she is so very tolerant of the little ones asking her for help and wanting to play with her (and interrupt her as frequently as they interrupt me). Talia often asks for her, and sits shouting "Ne-na! NE-NA!" until she gets an answer.


Rowan has looked a little lost today. Strange for her to be so quiet. But then, she is so perfectly at home in the woods, her little pixie face turned up to gaze at the trees. Sometimes it's so hard to balance everyone's preferences and needs, and I love the moments I catch one of them alone (or better still, get to take someone out for a date). Even when they are enjoying each other's company, they are really different as a group to how they are alone.

Right now, Morgan and Rowan are sitting on the floor kissing Tali's tummy and grinning at her, rolling around together like a basket of puppies. Now Rowan is lying banging her feet on the floor, and Talia is copying her. These little ones will never have my full attention in the way Jenna did at first. I think the trade-off is worth it. But I wonder what they would have been like as only children...


  1. Talia looks so much like Martin in the picture where she is sitting in the sling. What lovely moments to see them all getting on and running about free in the woods.

  2. Hi Sarah, I think the trade off is definitely worth it. My oldest 2 were 22 months apart in age and although the fought hard with each other, they loved each other SO much growing up (my big son is away at university right now). Oscar is 4 now, and it is looking like we may not be blessed with another child (I'm 43 now, but still hoping), and despite being in nursery every morning, Oscar is still lonely for other children a lot of the time. From a parents perspective, it is actually more difficult having an intense 1 to 1 with your child every day. When the other 2 were little they had each other as well as me and it was not nearly so draining. I suspect you could probably guess all this, but just thought I would add my tuppence worth (since I havent been blogging or commenting much lately) lol.

    1. Always good to hear from you. :) xxx


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