31 May 2013

Seeing it as an Adventure

Town to meet Grandad Roland seemed like the best idea this morning. The kitchen refit has sort of stalled since they couldn't contact the guy who is meant to fit the floor, and he seems to have ordered the wrong size. (On the other hand, the electrician changed where he was going to fit sockets to suit how we use the room, and the plasterer has also kindly skimmed three areas of old and wonky plaster work that he didn't technically have to do at all just because I asked him if he would mind!)

Anyway, you know, buckets of wet plaster and boxes of wiring and screws seemed like a really terrible combination of things to be trying to keep Talia out of. So we went out. Waiting for grandad is fun when there are steel drums and The Ram to climb. (I used to freak out at them for climbing this, even though I certainly did as a teenager, but I'm doing pretty well on the chilled-out-mama side of things right now. It's a huge great lump of concrete, what exactly do I think they're going to do to it? I'm hardly freaking out over the height of the thing. Anyway, no freak-outs today - or recently.)

We had hot chocolate at Thorntons and played I-spy. Rowan said she could see something beginning with C ("see"). We tried some hard c sounds, and then some s sounds too just to be sure, and eventually Martin thought to try "chair". Yup, she meant chair. And told him how the "ch" sound is written.

A trip to the charity shops ended up with us buying a couple of children's books and a packet of post-it notes which I imagine will be stuck all over the house on Monday when Martin starts his new job and I am casting around for something fun and new. This will be the first time in several years that the Mister will have a *very* full time job. I'm a bit scared of the sheer full-on-ness of four mostly at home mostly on my own (to begin with anyway, because the kitchen refit will still be unfinished and I'm waiting for the children to develop chicken pox since they were exposed a week ago). I'm mostly happy and excited though, I like change and the chance to grow new rhythms. :)

Heading back home, there was a busker playing a Hang, and the children were mesmerised. He kindly let them try it out (brave of him, given how expensive and rare they are) and after about half an hour we reluctantly left for our house (happily with his CD duly purchased).

The kitchen fitters are now done for the weekend, leaving us with a cooker, a very plaster-y sink, and one plug in point. Camp dinners are the order of the day, and lots of one-pot food with minimal chopping of ingredients! It's another adventure, I guess!


  1. Oh I remember when we had central heating put in and double glazing put in (by the council), when my big ones were little. Nightmare! I bailed out too, but a male friend put me on edge by saying, "You know the builders will be looking in your pants drawer and dancing around with your frillies on their heads, because that's what workmen do when housewives are out" I didnt believe it, but then again, a part of me wondered............. lol

    1. Haha if they can find any frillies in my drawers they're welcome to them!

  2. I had my kitchen ripped back t bear brick and started agan when I had a 20 monthold and an 8 week old total knightmare for 8 weeks but we got a beatiful kitchen out of it. We had to wash up in the bath and had a makeshift kitchen set up in the dining room. My dad put it in for me though so no knicker drawer probs here lol x

  3. But it will be worth it!! When we had kitchen refit i was preg with pip, we ate crock pot meals and washed up in the big bathroom sink, the bath made a great drying space.

    Gpod luck to Martin for Monday and prayers and hugs for you too! You always worry and yet ypu allways make it through.

    san xx

  4. Ooh good luck to Martin :-)

    And good luck to you too, you'll be perfectly fine of course :-)


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