4 May 2013

Unexpected Gifts and Awesomeness

You know all the really rubbish stuff that has happened this year? You remember me saying (when I was nearly passed out from an infection after the baby broke my tooth) that I was trying not to feel that somebody really OWES me for all this?

I'm not saying it works like that, ya know, but I've had some of the most amazing random blessings, financial stuff somehow going right for once, amazing co-incidences, kindnesses from people who know nothing about the struggles we're having this year...

So how lucky did I feel a couple of weeks ago to randomly win some of Flowerpecker's beautiful jewellery. (You can find her on Facebook too: HERE.)

And the huge great vegan chocolate cake. And another bracelet (I'll show you soon). And a tax credit backdated under-payment (I know, not exactly the same, but it feels like a win to me)! Anyhow. I can't keep my the-world-is-out-to-get-me expression on in the face of so many gifts...

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