24 May 2013

What Happens in the Flat, Stays in... oh OK then...

Ashleigh's place is the Flat of Yarnie Wonderment. What happens when two wool addicts gather together in a place where yarn is stored, spun, and loved? Well, I came home wanting a drum carder, for one thing...


I made my own art batts, from some of Ashleigh's beautiful roving collection. I knitted companionably and we both finished a thing or two (an octopus flew off her needles, you've already seen what I got done). I got some expert help with figuring out my new spinning wheel while the children slept on the living room floor.


And I tipped out a huge portion of her stash in the name of finding scraps for a baby bonnet (and "helping" her to "organise it" - also known as "shall I take some of this off your hands?"). I came home with three skeins of pretties to add to my own stash - oh OK, and some mini skeins and other bits that sort of leapt into my basket at her local yarn store...


I also couldn't resist laying out the hexipuffs-to-date progress of her Beekeeper Quilt. I may or may not be collecting sock yarn scraps now. :)



  1. Wow, so much yarn loveliness. That quilt is amazing!

  2. Aw, I love the post mainly because I'd never dare write something like it. I'm *not* in denial at all! ;)

    Looking forward to seeing some spinning progress and seeing what you create with your they-just-fell-in-to-my-bag yarns.

  3. love it, i never come out of a wool shop with just what i had written on my list either i come out with bags full too.

  4. Have been neglecting blog reading - yay you have a spinning wheel! I knew you would eventually ;)

    Have fun and happy spinning, and I bet those girls will be having a go too if my little one is anything to go by xx


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