14 May 2013

Being Here Now - and curve sculptures

Jenna and I love to play on Pinterest together, and often come away with ideas of artsy craftsy projects we want to try. (It's such a great inspiration to me - as a very visual person - that any time I have a really GREAT new idea or suggestion the children immediately ask, "Did you get this off Pinterest, mama?" *sigh*) This is one of the ones she picked out with an "ooh" of appreciation the last time we browsed together.

Building and Creating with Curves

Recently I've been finding my parenting challenged by the priority-pull of running a business. You know, things like trying to nurse the baby whilst filling in my first ever tax self-assessment form (in the dark, because I couldn't reach the light switch!). Things like knowing that I have a deadline for a big order, and not having enough hands, and then realising that I've done so much "work" stuff I haven't properly attended to my commitment to help them follow *their* passions. I've said, "later" a lot - and "can I just finish this?" OK, not just a lot, actually more like almost all of the time.

I've been thinking through what I want, and how I want to model giving gracefully to others, and how I want to be present with them and set aside time for working so that I'm more available at times when they usually need me more. For the last couple of weeks I've been trying to challenge myself to say yes, to turn my attention to them fully when they speak to me, and to take action *now* rather than always putting things off for someday. The latter is a tricky one for me, queen of procrastinators.

The net result has been that my kitchen has never been tidier, and I have got so many things done *before* the looming deadlines. I have done art projects, answered questions, got messy things out, gone for walks, and read aloud every day. Often right when I was asked to. (This extends to the poor obliging Mr, too. I think it has come as rather a shock to him to find me not doing other things while he's trying to talk to me, and pausing in the middle of a knitting project to make dinner rather than moaning about why he still can't cook after all these years.)

Anyway, once more slightly off topic and rambling on rather than talking about the fun stuff!


We're going to paint them too. When they're dry. Which might take a while, because squirting glue was Rowan's favourite bit. That and messing about with the cardboard tubes...


Wish me success in my quest to find more hours in the day, and generally be a slightly less distracted more pleasant person to live with?


  1. oh mama, this is exactly what has been going through my head today...how many times I have said to ds 'yeah, just let me finish this..." And I promised that after today (procrastinating along with you!) I would make a concerted effort to meet his requests when he asks. Always inspiring, always timely, much love x x

    1. I do believe there are times when "yes, later" is totally the right answer. But when it becomes a habit, and half of the time the promise gets forgotten about and later never comes...

      We can do this thing! :) xx

  2. Such a true post, oh my, luck to you and me both babe x

  3. This post really rings a bell with me : ) putting things off is an easy habit to get into! loving your blog as always : )
    Sian x (from Beetlebirdhare)

  4. i could have written that post myself i find my housework being done at break neck speed before the school run, coming home with smallest pixie andstarting on work for my business then its i just need to finish this little bit, just finish this stitch ect whilst trying to get things sorted before its school run time. I then work again in the evenings when everyone is asleep. Its a juggling act and i dont know about you Sarah but im finding myself feeling so tired. x


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