10 July 2012

Sunday on a Tuesday

How is it that the week keeps on getting away from me almost before I've had time to notice it?  This week has gone by very quickly so far, even though each day has felt pretty long.  Martin has been working hard again, and it's strange to go for weeks with him working minimal hours and mostly afternoons to suddenly a week of being on my own with the girls almost all of the time.
Sunday afternoon on the park is a favourite tradition now.  As the summer wears on, the sprinklers in the water park get turned on, although there is no earthly way I will be coming down here like this in the school holidays!  Anyhow, the water means that baby and I are left totally alone for a while - her to sleep, me to knit.


Look!  Something for me!  :)  It's nearly half way done now too.
Mum came to meet us for a coffee in the community cafe.  Tali was keen on Em dog right up until she got "kissed".
Evening snuggles, both at once successfully for the first time ever (Tali is a jealous baby, and usually won't let Rowan feed at the same time!) - Rowan has felt a bit headachey and sleepy this week.  I have so few nursing pictures from the past year or so...  But yes, my littlest two are still tandem nursing.  :)

So far this week, we have done boring food shopping, I have worked on crafting projects to sell, Jenna has read a heck of a lot of many different books (and also watched quite a bit of Avatar: The Last Airbender).  I have totally failed to tidy up at all, and my laundry pile is out of control.  But we are rubbing along wonderfully well, and *pleasantly* busy, and very much looking forwards to Martin having a day off!

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