21 July 2012

Some more ordinary days

Martin actually had his days off this week.  Goodness it made such a huge difference.  I have felt so much better since those days of extra hands and freedom to go out and about.  I'm still struggling a little - I hate this feeling - but also feel guilty for whining about "nothing".  Anyhow.  Weekly ramble:
When we stopped for a while, we picked up two whole bags of rubbish.  So sad to see how little respect some have for this beautiful place.  Under a large piece of broken glass and a discarded can, we found a nest of ants who busied themselves hiding their precious eggs from us.
My first attempt at sunprinting fabric wasn't terribly successful...
We took our gaggle of girls to see Oliver put on by my mum's school children.  We dressed up, because that's just what you *do* - even for kids' productions.
Jenna: "I bet we stick out."
Me: "We do anyway!  Do you mind?"
Jenna: "Nah."
Lots of normal, everyday, wonderful.  I have to just list off these blessings every single day.  Healthy happy children.  Love.  Family.
We made it to the museum for the play session on Friday again.
I dyed some roving.  :)
And finally, had a barbecue, for which the sun shone, the children played happily, and all the food had to be cooked inside anyhow (well, sometimes you can't have it all)!  Here is Tali, being made to play Rapunzel in Jenna's show.
It's hard work, right now, for much of most days.  I don't know why.  It just is.  But it's whole and bright and good, no matter how I temporarily feel.  These days, these ordinary average days, I will find the joy in them. Because each day is a precious gift.


  1. i'm sorry you are finding things so hard and sending you lots of strength right now. i would love to hear how you fabric sun print. sounds interesting xx

    1. Thankyou so much!

      The sunprint dyes are bought ones, Pebeo Soleil, or there is a jaquard one now too. They don't work as well as I expected, but I'm getting to grips with it now... The dye needs using neat on slightly damp fabric, and painting on evenly indoors before exposing. And unlike the papers, you have to have your objects totally flush with the surface, so things like grasses haven't really worked at all mostly. :(

  2. Replies
    1. I really like that these pictures could just be from *any* week, they are so typical of life right now. :)

  3. Sometimes when we do the ordinary that is what tha children prefer rather than out of the ordinary new things or business. Hope the

  4. Sorry about last comment press the wrong button! Can't remember where I got too, was trying to say that sometimes the ordinary weeks are the better ones rather than the extraordinary when so many things are new or different or really busy. Hope the calmness stays around for a while.


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