26 July 2012

Sun (oh, and things that freak me out)

Life got harder by every usual measure, yet I am feeling lighter.  Must be the sunshine.  My best friend jokes that she is solar-powered - aren't we all?  We have all had a fleeting but horrible cold, but bugs of the other kind are really freaking me out.  Nits.  Ugh.

I *hate* crawly things.  The mere suggestion of them does things to my self-esteem that mean I struggle to even say "we had nits".  My mum struggles with such things to a huge degree; she would surreptitiously check my head before she hugged me as a child, the pattern is so ingrained I am fighting upstream not to do the same to the girls.  Mum, if you're reading, I think you were a hero for hugging me anyway, because now I know just how much it freaked you out to do so.

I've spent hours combing and combing each in turn, sitting in the bath til it turns cold, hugging them and saying sorry.  I'm such an idiot.  I don't want them to flip out too, I don't want them to feel ashamed or scared.

Another issue, that is huge in my head and tiny in real life, is that I have that conflict between the gentlest parenting choice and the safest most natural choice.  This time I've given them the choice - do they want to let me properly condition and comb every single day, or would they prefer chemical treatment?  I never enforce brushing.  I was *totally* relieved when they all chose to let me comb, though.  It's such times when I would usually panic and try to force my preferred option, so it was hard to offer them a genuine choice with a commitment to follow through and take them seriously.  Thank goodness, they made it easy - this time, anyway.  ;)

OK now we've got over the deep authentic heart searching stuff, and you can all stop itching.  ;)  My children, poorly, watching a film and cuddled up on a big floor-bed.  Aw.  Morgan just sleeps and sleeps when she's ill.

But see: happy stuff.

I knitted more cables.  They're addictive.  A baby dress for my shop, which again, I'd really like to keep.  My garden is nice and shady in the heat.

We took a picnic to Attenborough: cue pensive picture of Tali with watermelon.






The sun is also great for getting lots of dyeing done.  I'll take some pictures soon.  But the cold has lingered longest for me, so I'm just not feeling very much like celebrating the everyday.  I'm focussing on:
- saying yes, as much as I can
- feeding everyone
- drinking enough water
- creative stuff that keeps us all sane
- kicking everyone out into the garden at every possible opportunity!


  1. Now, I am right there with you on the nit thing, my older kids had them on and off for 4 years at school. (think yourself lucky you home school in that respect, although I know your kids spend lots of time with other kids). But, can I say, I couldn't help but smile when an ex supermodel was asked on TV about her fabulous but short new hair style and she smiled and said "Actually my daughter kept getting nits and it was a nightmare to comb out my really long hair" I bet that wasn't the answer they expected haha.

  2. Hi. My apologies if Esther gave your two the head lice. I hate them and feel the same, like a "rubbish" parent when my child has them. I also have another problem, I can't physically see them. I can't see the tiny brown eggs and I can rarely spot the head lice in the hair. I can see them on a tissue when combing the hair through. So I sympathise, I really struggle with them. H x

    1. NOT your fault, it could just as easily have been mine picking them up at groups! (hugs) I read something yesterday that made me grin, and sigh in relief - There are no Bad Mothers, just Bad Moments.

      And hearing that everyone else feels like a bad parent when their children get lice is oddly reassuring; I wonder whether my children will feel the same shame? :(

  3. Nits were a constant problem when my eldest was at school :(
    The endless coming and short haircuts! I know how miserable it can be.
    I love the pics. Your littlest is growing so fast. She looks like one of the gang now :)

    1. Haha she does, doesn't she - it's when I start to get lots of photographs of them at distance, so strange, but she doesn't look lonely with a pack of siblings to roll around with. :)

  4. Try not to stress about the nit thing. Just imagine trying to get them out of my hair! We had them on and off for a year last year, and the only way we eventually got rid of them was a chemical treatment. I can't remember what is was called, but basically it was not an insecticide as such, it was an oil which just suffocated them. It's a relatively new product, but just thought I'd mention it in case you did need to resort to other measures, as it only takes one egg to be missed for the whole cycle to start again *sigh*

  5. I can't imagine many moms wear the badge if having nits in the house with pride! Only had them once (so far) with dd but hated every moment of combing them out. I used neem oil and they were gone instantly, absolutely magical if you have access to any. I occasionally spritz dd's hair with a tea tree solution which apparently keeps that at bay.

    Hope you're all recovered now and enjoying the sunshine days x

  6. We have only had them once too. I didn't realise my eldest had them until my mum noticed he was scratching a lot she inspected and found he was crawling with them oooops! We used tea tree oil which I diluted in water and brushed through, like you we never brush so was not sure he would be happy to do this. There is also something called Kincare deep cleansing shampoo which I have never tried. Why is it when you read about nits it makes your head itch?

  7. I can sympathise too. My middle one gets them really easily and we shaved his head on tuesday this week after the latest infestation! My daughter with really long hair never gets them and I think it's to do with skin type or pheromones. We use tea tree too to repel them. My sister had to cut all her dreads off following picking them up! Nasty little critters!

  8. Lovely to catch up with your blog. Missing you all. Gorgeous pictures as always xx


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