5 July 2012

More Outings

Those middle of the week days when Martin has his days off from work, we go further afield rain or shine.  This week it was definitely rain.  We took ourselves to Sudbury, and had a swampy walk around the lake.




Rowan found some rainbows to admire in the puddles near the hall.

The new woodland play area is fabulous!

The Museum of Childhood is so popular with the children we somehow always end up leaving at closing time.  The staff are so great with the kids, and very patient.  Rowan made a particular friend of one volunteer, and she walked around the top floor with her helping to name all the dolls and animals.  A frog called Kermit ("I got Kermit on my television!") and a crocodile called Emily later, Roo slipped and tumbled on the stairs and the volunteer lady got to her first and picked her up.  So very kind and caring.

Jenna was eager to fill in a comments card:

As usual, Wednesday is swim day.  (We popped in to the sling meet at soft play first, and it was lovely to catch up with folks but soft play was a horrendous headache!)  Three little girls outside swimming:

And the play area afterwards was sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, crazy.  Half of the time, baby and I were under the umbrella to keep us fairly dry - the other half of the time the umbrella was needed to keep her from getting burned by the blazing sun!

Little rained-on baby nursling.

I worked the first two repeats of my leafy scarf, in that gorgeous squishy alpaca and silk yarn.  Emma worked on another amigurumi dragon.  :)
Really, overall, we have had a great week.  Towards the start of the week, goodness, being indoors most of the time hiding out from the crazy weather, well it was starting to grate on my nerves.  The girls were all being fairly nice to each other, but I was still feeling that indefinable need to get away from them.  I reckon it's 50% noise intolerance, 25% lacking adult company, and 25% being in a confined space together for too long.  Anyway, a good walk and two days mostly out of the house cured me of my restless impatience.  

So today is a home-y garden-y day.  Right this moment, Jenna is watching West Side Story.  Morgan is dressed as a flamenco dancer, writing notes in her new journal.  Rowan is stark naked (as usual), counting up to thirty (impressive but unfathomable - why?), and running up and down the stairs holding a toy turtle and a wooden fairy.  I am recovering from a 4am start dyeing some yarn.  Look: fox colours!


  1. We have been to the museum of childhood in Edinburgh and I love it. The woodland park looks fab. I am feeling very closed in these days, I think I need a walk in the woods myself.

    1. I hope you get one, it works wonders. xxx

  2. Hehe! My handcrafting in action shots!! :). What's up with the 4am dying? That just sounds like craziness! I see on ravelry that you've been dying some of the Aran too. How much Aran is left? Just starting to think about Christmas knitting and if there's enough for a jumper for a little person.

    1. The dyeing is to recover from 4am, at 4am I was doing very little apart from fruitless pleading with baby to please go back to sleep!

      Depends on the size of little person... There's 200g left undyed, and in roughly two weeks there will be another kilogram making its way to me!

      (Oh, and I got a good picture of Jenna in her cardi - specially for you, it's on my Flickr.)

  3. Lovely days as always and the hand dyeing looking gorgeous, but at 4am, ack!

    Hugs San xx

    1. Yarn dyeing was happening at 11am, not 4am lol. It is very pretty though, I can't wait for it to be dry! :)

  4. Oh man, pixie hats are amazing :) And so is that woodland play area, I love it!


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