1 July 2012

Rainy Happy Weekending

The rain didn't put us off - not even from sitting for a couple of hours on Darley Park for a concert and fireworks!  We took a flask of tea, warm snacks, blankets, a waterproof mat, brollies, and rain coats.  We must have looked pretty weighed down, but at least everyone stayed warm and dry!


When we head anywhere the kids have space to run where there will be more than the usual crowding, I write Martin's mobile number on the inside of the kids' arms in sharpie.  I also dress them in bright unusual clothes to make them easier to spot if they manage to stray - anything other than dark colours or pink/blue is usually helpful (I discovered this at soft play when Jenna was little and she was wearing bright green to contrast nicely with all the other little blond toddlers in pale pink or dark blue)!  This time I added camping glowsticks tied around their necks, knowing that the camping sticks would be different to the kind always for sale at night time events.  Smart mummy.  ;)




Before the concert I'd had a homey day with the girls, quiet and peaceful.  Martin started work at 7am, came home for a bit in the middle of the day, then went back til 7pm again.  I'm still a bit scared of taking them all out on my own, especially anywhere there will be crowds, so a home day seemed inevitable!
Jenna went out with my mum.  Morgan went to a friend's house to bake cakes.  So I had anything from two up to the usual four children in the house at any given time.  Before Jenna went out she started watching the original Avatar - The Last Airbender series, which utterly hooked her.  Baby created her usual chaos all day.  It was totally normal and nice.

Anyway, back to chronological order...  Sunday, after church, the park was very rainy too.  Ah well, that just means we get the place to ourselves.


Then we went to meet my brother, sister in law, and new nephew.  Gorgeous newborn-y snuggles!  He loves to be held.
They are finding the sling amazing!  Paul was eager to grab their change bag and show me their fancy new cloth nappies, which are awesome and *very* trendy.  Joshua is growing so fast already, he definitely looks bigger to me, and he's nursing so well.  It's just wonderful to see them all blossoming and figuring out parenting for themselves and finding so much joy in their baby (and coping admirably with Joshua's first growth spurt)!

So there we go.  Another busy weekend, and bonus newborn photographs.  What more could I ask for?  :)


  1. Aw, what a fun weekend. Darley Park looks like it was fun.... I've never been, but one day, I'll try tag along. :)

    1. One day I'll remember it's on in advance and make proper plans!

  2. Just found your lovely blog .....glowsticks around their necks is a genius idea thank you x

    1. Thanks! And you're welcome lol, sometimes I keep my sensible hat on long enough to come up with a solution that works for us. :) Nice to meet you!

  3. Lovely to see your mum and Jenna at church this morning. And I love you writing the mobile number on their arms and the glow stick ideas. We went to Darley Park to see the Olympic torch on Friday evening. It was hugely busy and crowded. It was good though. As usual when I bump into Jenna, I think, oohh it's ages since we've seen Sarah and the girls, we should meet up! H x

    1. Happens to me every time I spot you on Facebook, so we really need to arrange coffee soon. xxx

  4. looks so lovely....and all of that good handknitted beauty...and wraps!

    1. Babies in knitted hats, yummy! :)


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