3 July 2012

Shawls, Sisters, Special Memories

Two pictures that I missed out of our holiday shots, just because they are making me smile smile smile today.  Look at how big these daughters of mine are growing, so quickly!  Like weeds in the sunshine.
And at the Grimm Fairy Tales, wearing Ashleigh-knitted shawls.  So so sweet.  There is something irresistible about little girls in shawls.

I hate to jinx it by saying anything, but the four of them are getting on really nicely at the moment.  Comparatively.  A lot of the fighting and jostling for affection and attention seems to have gone out of their daily interactions.

They aren't exactly always the best of friends.  They often annoy each other.  Sometimes the "she did this, she said that" comes close to driving me right up the wall.  Since Tali was born, that has been the case more often than not I suppose.  But this week at least, they enjoy playing together and are kind and considerate towards each other.

So although I'm probably dooming this sunny spell by mentioning it...  There is sibling harmony around here almost all of the time at the moment.  That's something worth celebrating.  :)


  1. Adorable pictures. And yes, sigh, I do recall the older two at the "he said she said/did" game. But now they are grown we tend to laugh about it, so I guess it wasn't that bad, either that or my memory is going haha. The clay models in the last post are brilliant, and you know, sometimes I see things that kids have made and they far outshine some of the work I have seen at graduate art shows lol. Maybe I just wear my Mama eyes more than my artist eyes these day. I suspect its the creation for nothing but pleasure that shines through.

    1. I love the eye children have for things, so fascinating and simple - pure. They create amazing things. I can't imagine never giving them "adult quality" art materials!

      (I love that in the bottom picture, Rowan is wearing her PJs under a party dress and handknit shawl!)

  2. Love the girls all in their shawls - beautiful.
    I know sometimes John comes in from work and I say what a nice day we've had, that the children have happily plaed, crafted, got along together. You can guarantee that within minutes one will come along crying that another has been mean to them. Sometimes a deaf ear is definitely needed.....



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