8 May 2008

Visitors and sunshine and garden days

It is still glorious, even a little too hot for me, but it means that all the doors are open and the children have the run of the garden. I'm getting more confident about not supervising them too closely too - they come and find me quickly if they get into difficulty - and the nettles are confined to one hidden patch now so there aren't really any dangerous obstacles. It's nice to peek from a window without letting them see me and hear the chatter and giggles as they collaborate on some secretive little role-play drama or just run around and play chase (usually growling loudly)!

Kim and Jack arrived in the afternoon and shortly afterwards Jeni with Sophia. The number of toddlers being doubled definately made it essential to keep a close watch! They seem to be playing really nicely though, and although I can see we're going to have a busy weekend I'm enjoying it already (plus Kim is great non-child company for me, and a very witty commentator)!

One funny thing happened earlier - Paul and Maarja turned up unexpectedly (with my Dad, so they let themselves in). Apparently they were greeted in the living room by Jenna and Sophia (both totally naked) and Paul asked tentatively if "mummy is decent" as he knows if I've been feeding a lot I may be only semi-clothed. Jenna gave him a look and said, "We're all decent!"

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