28 May 2008

Changing plans for the day - and toddler tantrums are gorgeous

We got as far as the corner shop before Jenna decided that she DID need the toilet after all, so since yesterday's plans weren't important we decided not to go into town after all and just went straight home. We made gingerbread men (and bunnies and stars and assorted other shapes) and decorated them with help from friends. It turned out to be a restful day really even though normally in the holidays tuesday is the worst (everyone missing soft play!).

Anyhow today was fairly calm too, we got to have another swim and spent most of the rest of the day gardening and getting drizzled on. Swimming was OK, I got a bit bored to be honest now that the children don't want to play with me. *sigh* Mum took over supervising and I did a few lengths, but didn't want to leave both of them too long as after an hour they tend to be tired and cold. Morgan remembered how to kick and did some swimming under the water, but mostly had her arm bands so that she could roam without support - she likes taking herself on the slide, and scares the lifeguards because she looks far too little to manage such things.

In the garden Jenna raked cut grass up and Morgan picked it up in handfuls and threw it in the compost. They want to help most of the time, apart from with putting toys away. I guess from their point of view having everything out means you can play with more of it at once, and tidying up is a waste of time when you'll want the same things out soon anyway - like maybe in three days time. It drives me nuts and I end up asking more times than I should do before helping them to do it and basically stopping them from doing anything else til it's less of a tip. In the garden or the kitchen they can hardly be stopped from pitching in, especially if there's digging to be done. I'm trying to gently remind Jenna which ones are weeds when it comes to pulling anything out though.

Morgan threw herself in the comfort corner for a nap while I washed up some pots from the baking (I finished off the second batch this morning as Jenna lost interest once there were enough to decorate). I've noticed recently her taking herself to the comfort corner a lot when she's disgusted with me.

If I say she can't do or have something she often gets understandably cross. She stomps and pulls her frowny face, and I try really hard not to laugh (it's cute when they're small at least) and now, rather than doing that and then coming for a hug, she throws herself face down on the pillows. It's strange to me that even though Jenna rarely uses it like that any more, Morgan knows what to do. Maybe it's just the classic dramatic throw-self-on-floor but with a sensible few steps first to ensure a soft landing....

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